Video Production and Photography

Video production is the process of making video content for various digital platforms on the internet.

It is the equivalent of filmmaking. As a Digital marketing agency and digital branding agency, we have photography and professional video team, and we have the latest equipment for high-quality video production. We have experience in video production for various fields. Videos are the engaging type of content people spend time on these days. The video production process has three main steps: pre-production, which is the planning stage for strategy and script for the video shoot, Production is the 2nd phase in which the video is shot, and finally, the third phase is post-production, which involves editing the video, adding music and other effects.

Professional Photography

High-quality professional photography is critical in capturing and engaging the attention of your online audience and customers. Professionally Photos of your products and your company location help you build trust online. A library of high-resolution images including event photography, lifestyle photography, and corporate photography, empower your digital marketing and digital branding strategy and your website’s visual storytelling.

Video Shoot / Live Shoot

As a Digital marketing agency and digital branding agency, We help you in getting the right location for a shoot. We know the importance of location scouting. We recommend a shoot location that offers a smooth shoot with the perfect background and a product vision. It’s an important part of the pre-production shoot. When it comes to any sort of video, from corporate to creative, one thing that must be cleared and sort out before shooting is location. Knowing where you are gonna shoot answers a lot of related problems. It means you have to be aware of set-up choices for equipment, power sources, and subject framing. We can also evaluate the light at the time of day, which is especially important for outdoor shoots. This pre-planning can spare a lot of time, effort, and money.

As a Digital marketing agency and digital branding agency, Our shoot plan is a schedule that is important to put on paper and have at your shoot. Preparing a Production Plan will also help us to identify any missing elements in your storyboard. We provide all the things which will require to cover in the shoot from where to when as per the lights and audio quality in outdoor as well as indoor shoot. Our shoot plan includes shooting raw footage efficiently. You will not necessarily shoot the video in order of the story. We plan to shoot all the portions at one time.

As a Digital marketing agency and digital branding agency, We have all the latest equipment from the DSLR Camera, lights, Go-pro, Wireless Microphone for better audio quality, and many more. The more professional your videos look, the more your brand will have the benefit of them. We are stepping up the quality of your video content just by applying the basic techniques listed above in this paragraph.

Motion Graphics Planning and Production

Motion graphics are video of animation or digital footage which create the illusion of motion or rotation and are combined with audio for use in multimedia projects. Motion graphics are usually displayed via electronic media technology.

Motion graphics extend beyond the used methods of the frame by frame footage and animation. Motion graphics are typical animation in that they are not character-driven or story-based and represent animated abstract shapes and forms such as logo elements.

As a Digital marketing agency and digital branding agency, We have a certified, skilled, and experienced team for motion graphics and Production. All the work depicts our skills and showcases our strengths. We make high-quality and attractive motion graphics video’s for your brand that builds strong brand identity.

Animated videos and Production

Entertainment and engagement means greater sales and this is why animated videos have become popular in the marketing space. The digital world has shortened the attention span of our audiences and marketers have had to find ways to reach these audiences in a fun, entertaining and engaging way - and this is where animated video comes into play.

Animated videos help to highlight important aspects about your business, service or product in an easy-to-digest and entertaining manner. Essentially, if your goal is to sell more, explain your business, or explain your business concept, then fun animations will keep the attention of your audience and hold their interest - ensuring they take-in your brand message.

Animated videos are a great way to teach your audience, whether internally for onboarding or externally with your customers. We'll help you create short-form animations that represent your brand and effectively communicate ideas and processes.

The Benefits of Animated Video Production for your Business:
  • Animated videos engage potential customers by presenting information in a fun, eye-catching and interesting format
  • Animated video has the power to boost your conversion rate as they do not just engage your audience; they inspire your audience to take action
  • This kind of video improves your rankings in the search engine results. Google ranks pages based on the amount of time users stay on a specific website and animated videos will help keep your viewers attention for longer - helping you rise up the Google ranks.
  • By presenting a potential client with an animated video, you are getting your brand message across in an impressive manner which leads to greater sales
  • You are able to expand your online reach with animated videos as people feel more compelled to share animated content across their personal social platforms - making for greater brand awareness

Our Video and Image Production Process

THE CLICK FUNNEL as the name depicts, it is a Digital Marketing Agency which will help you promote or create a brand and take it to heights. Digital Marketing Agency Brings Your target audience on your doorsteps. Social Media Marketing/Ad Website Development I SEO.
  • Image
    We discover the message the client wants to convey through the provided video and images through in-depth discussions. Our collaborative method ensures that the creative brief, the shooting schedule and the expected date of delivery are confirmed in connection with the client. Our clients are in complete command at every step of the production..
  • Image
    No matter the size, scope, or budget of the project, the Best Photo & Video Production and the highest standard of production values comes as standard. Our experienced team produces professional images and video marketing assists..
  • Image
    Editing & Image Processing
    The focus message of video and image content is created during post-production. Using a mixture of the latest software and editing suites, we add an extra layer of finish to the produced assist. Our image processing and editing systems give images and videos that irresistible, professional sheen.
  • Image
    Our constructed video assists are set live with SEO in mind. We optimize the video and image content to drive customer engagement and ensure the assist is as search-engine-friendly as possible. All produced marketing assists are made available in various formats; to suit a client’s various digital channels and for any print or broadcasting requirements..

Benefits of Video production and photography service

With having 4+ years of experience, our Video production and photography service offer you a distinct competitive edge. That’s why companies worldwide choose — and trust — Virtual Pebbles with their Digital advertising strategy.

As a Digital marketing agency and digital branding agency, We aim to deliver quality in all the Video production and photography services that we provide. Our customers chose us because of the level of quality we provide. Not only that, but they also selected Virtual Pebbles because we personalized our services to fit their unique needs. We understand that every business and brand is unique, and we’re enthusiastic about working with you to find out what you need to succeed digitally.

We offer quality, reliable, personalized services. Best of all, Virtual Pebbles is available whenever you need us. With us, you can check in and see the results of your investment in real-time.

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